Welcome to Poton Overseas B.V.,
the worldwide exporters of Dutch onions, Dutch potatoes and general foods.

Poton Overseas B.V. is based in The Netherlands,
one of the largest onion and potato exporting countries in the world.

Poton Overseas B.V. is your reliable partner for the delivery of Dutch onions, Dutch potatoes and general foodstuffs to your destination.

The Poton organisation is a specialized export company of Dutch onions and potatoes.

Specialization is this field can only be achieved through a close co-operation between and
guidance of farmers and packing stations on one hand
and trucking and shipping companies on the other hand.

This, in a nutshell, is exactly what our staff has been doing for the last 3 decades.

In this period a lot of valuable knowledge has been collected and
you can benefit of this available knowledge regarding shipments of
perishable goods like onions and potatoes by vessel to overseas’ markets like
West Africa as well as to South East Asia and the Caribbean.